Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Black Cardi Pictures, And CONTEST WINNER!!!!

Hello, all! I finished my Cardi, and here are the pics after I washed it!! Oh sweet baby Jesus, it felted! Thank goodness I have my mannequin, Betty to stretch it back out on. Thank-you Betty! You Rock! But I will never get my stockinette stitch definition back. The Garter stitch still looks ok though.

The yarn smelled like DYE! uugh, I could barely stand it, and my fingers turned black when I knitted it, what is THAT about? Anyway..... here it is drying on Betty. Black does not photo well, but this is my best effort.

And the contest winner is:   Amber! Congratulations!
I put all of your profile names on paper, and folded them up and shook them in a container, and then gave it one more shake, and Amber's paper fell out! Must have been meant to be!  

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