Knitting Through Time Knit Baby Booties Project

Week 1 This week I copied the pattern out of the notebook so as to not stress the little old book further. And then I wound the skein of super wash Merino Fuchsia yarn into a center pull ball, by HAND!! (I will do a tutorial on that later) and cast on the 52 sts. The patterns starts out with a P2 K2 across, then P2 K2 back. This creates a double seed stitch but the pattern calls them "nubs" which I think is pretty comical. So I am on row 3 of nubs with 6 more to go: total of 9 nubs. I'm smiling at the terminology :-D
Cast On!!  Such pretty yarn, isn't it?

Week 2 This week I finished the cuff of nubs. And then a few rows of garter stitch, and then an eyelet row for the i-cord ties. The hand dyed yarn kind of takes away from the cuff stitches, hiding the pattern, but that's ok!
 But looking at the cuff, I suspect these won't fit a baby! There was no needle size on the pattern, but there was a yarn specified. A baby yarn, if I'm not mistaken. So that could be where I went wrong!! I am knitting this on a US size 5 needle, which is pretty darn small, for me anyway. I will include the tiny needles in an other picture.. soon!
 The next step after the eyelet row is where it gets a little tricky. So I stopped!!! See you next week.