Friday, January 27, 2012

My Night on the Town!

Let me just preempt this with "I really appreciate my husband after this evening"
Last night, Thursday, my husband took the kids to the RC track in Broken Arrow. Totally fine, daddy time and all that. They were basically "out" for dinner. So I thought I'd get a salad from Mazzio's pizza and grab some cinnamon sticks for the fam, since I would be back around evening snack time.
I also wanted to swing by Maurice's to get some pants. I've heard that they have great fits. Well, after trying on about 10 pairs, I can agree on the fit, except the rise, and wash and cut of the leg were not for me!! Plus the tag was $79. But buy a top and bottom, get 50% off one item (the cheaper one, I can assure you!). I tried on dresses, slacks, tops, oh man, what fun! And the sales girl was so nice. But I left with nothing.
I go to Mazzio's to get my salad bar. LOVE their salad bar! And I was hungry!!! So I placed my order, salad bar to go, cinnamon sticks and a plain pizza. Got my order number, and filled my container. Yum!! They were very busy, behind in orders, so I planned on eating my salad while I waited. Just as I sat down, a girl brought out two boxes to me, one big, one smaller. I said, "that was fast! Thank you!" handed her my order number, got up and left. Awkwardly. I had two pizza boxes, a salad container, and two drinks!! Plus my wallet and keys! Its a miracle I made it without spilling anything. And the surly teenagers out side the door didn't open it for me, or say anything to me as I shimmied past with my arms full. This is where I would appreciate my husband!!!  He would have at LEAST gotten the door for me, and held the drinks as I balanced the pizzas to unlock the car door. At least!
Kids and Dad were home, repeat the balancing act into the house. I sat down to eat (finally!) and here they come, "what do you have? we are hungry!" Matt opens the top box (cinnamon sticks??) and it was a personal sausage pizza!! And the second box was a sausage calzone! Arrrgh! Pepperoni and sausage are too spicy for my kids. :-( Soooooo, somebody probably got fired last night. But luckily, I got two little containers of chocolate mousse stuff and the kids ate that.
And then the cat had a leaky butt. Poor guy, but he is better today. I have to shampoo the carpet and sofa, thanks George!

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