Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Knit Pumpkin, FREE PATTERN!!

Hello, hello!
I have been lacking a post since I've quit my day job and have a lot less free time. Yes, you read that right.
So, to make it up to you, I am posting this palm-sized pumpkin pattern for free! The subscribers here deserve more free patterns from me, so I will give another away closer to Christmas which will make a fast last minute gift, PROMISE!!
I rarely use patterns, and that is why I can confidently post these here without worry of copyright infringement! But now you do, LOL!!
I ask that you make these as gifts, or for your own decorations please. I am in my thirties and haven't gotten to the "aw, heck, I'm hangin it up, do what you want" phase yet. It would kill me if you could buy a steak dinner off of my pattern when I can only buy burgers.
So here goes:
Worsted weight yarn in that ugly orange, or another suitable shade
Worsted weight yarn in a coordinating green (for stem)
I used cheap "crap/craft" yarn, the scratchy stuff, since I'm not wearing these!!
US size 4 or 5 needles straight or **circular depending on your preference
Fiber Fill
Tapestry needle
Gauge: Not important, a tight fabric is needed to mask the white stuffing

Cast on 37 sts. I use the long tail cast on to have that tail to run through and cinch up the top later.
Knit in P2 K3 rib pattern, starting with P2, and ending with P2 (these 2 extra stitches are for the seam) Continue in rib pattern as established for 3 1/2 inches or so.
Don't bind off, and run doubled green yarn (about an arm's length) through these stitches . Slip the needle out, and pull the stitches together, leaving the smallest hole you can manage without breaking the yarn (if you do, I recommend  ripping that last row, and cinching up those stitches). Aim for a pencil point opening. Tie a double knot.
Now that you have the orange pumpkin off of the needles, its time to seam. I use the mattress stitch, here is a link to directions: mattress stitch
Stuff the pumpkin just enough to fill it out. You don't want to stuff it till it's firm, or it will stretch the stitches too much, and white will show through. If you have another method of camouflaging this, be my guest (and share!!).
Run the tail through the cast on stitches and cinch up the same as the bottom, except don't knot it just yet.
Shape the pumpkin: loosen the end and push the filling to round it out, then knot.
You now have a cute orange ball!! Eee!
Now, thread the green threads and pass through the pumpkin, to the other end. You can make your pumpkin more squatty by pulling this tighter, being careful not to lose the knot inside the pumpkin. I place my tapestry needle under the know, and pull the strands. When you have the height you want, knot these green ends to the cast on tail.
You now have  one orange strand, and four green strands at the top of the pumpkin. Pass the orange yarn back down through the pumpkin, pull out somewhere on the lower hemisphere, and trim.
Using the longest green strand there is, form a slip knot. Cast on 5-10 stitches using the e cast on method, and cast off. Weave end back through this tendril tightening it back close to the pumpkin.
With the remaining three strands of green, use the same cast-on method and cast on 2 or 3 stitches. Knit in garter for as many rows as you can, and slip the end through the last row, weave in ends.

 I hope you have a Great Day!!!!
Keep your kids safe this Halloween,
Mama Leen

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  1. These are really cute!!! Absolutely adorable. Very well done. :)