Friday, May 20, 2011

Knitting through Time

I was lucky enough to be gifted with a lady's knitting needles by her thoughtful son a year or so ago. Along with the needles were little knitting tools. An assortment of tiny skinny double pointed needles (very scary looking to me!) stitch markers, insanely small crochet hooks (also scary to me), a few yellowed pages of patterns, and a small black notebook, probably 1 in by 2.5 inches. It has only one or two handwritten (copied I suspect) patterns in pencil. One is a pattern for baby booties. I am going to start a blog post about this project here. I have some lovely yarn on the way, and the book safely with it's friends. 
The way I came about this knitting kit is very odd, to say the least. The man, Alvin, gave this kit to his friend, my brother Dave, to give to his sister (Me) because he heard I took up knitting. Well, how pleased was I?? I take anything knitting related, my passion for this "hobby" has not waned from the start! It is almost three years since I taught myself to knit and I am just as consumed as I ever was. But anyway, back to the knitting kit. I've never met the woman, and only her son, Alvin, a few times. Alvin is older, maybe 60? It's hard to tell because he is an alcoholic, and has aged considerably. I have just learned that the mother, the owner of this kit has dementia. How sad. Her younger son has moved her to California, to retire peacefully from life.
So with that melancholy note, I start this project... 
The pattern is written in knitting shorthand. Letters and order that only a knitter can 'see'. There is no sketch, just the description for the booties. The other pattern is for a top-hat style hat, complete with a sketch. How charming!! I will delve further into that later. For now, its the booties. 
I wonder what they'll look like?
I wonder what size they will turn out to be?
I wonder where she got the pattern?
I wonder who will receive these booties?
I wonder how many I'll make!!

Much Love,
Mama Leen 


  1. Hi how are you?

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  2. Jesse, thank you! I am now following your blog. You must live near me, Foo Fighters tour started here in Tulsa. :-)