Monday, March 21, 2011

I love Spring!

I spent Sunday afternoon with my family at the park. It was sunny, mild, and breezy! 
 My children of course wanted to swing. There are only two at this little park, so when the kids jumped off and went exploring, I nabbed a swing for myself! I had forgotten what the sunshine felt like. It was fantastic. I leaned all the way back, let my head hang in the breeze, and just chilled. Swaying just ever so slightly. Aaaahhhh... I could just feel my blood pressure dropping. The sun, the children laughing, the breeze, the weightlessness. Just heaven!
 Here are my winter-pale legs! Soon to be tan legs, due to knitting outside this summer. Speaking of knitting, on Saturday I started a baby cardigan from some gorgeous berry red cotton yarn. Here is how far I got on it...
It's finished now. It will fit a 2T little girl. There is a little mother-of-pearl button on the back of the neck to close the opening. I need to add my shop tag, and this little cutie will be ready to sell! I enjoyed making this, and have devised a "Mommy" version in my head. It is something I would love to wear, so I am sure it will be enjoyed by some other lovely lady. I have just started a little boy version, and when I got home from the grocery store, I composed this little arrangement! Something felt familiar when I unpacked the strawberries and grapes....

Have A Great Day!

P.S. They were YUMMY!!