Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seriously Reconsidering Shop Theme

Hey, it is a cruel fact of life that we are not good at everything we try. And ya know what? Practice doesn't always make perfect!! OMG!? I know.
I am refering specifically to my sewing, and a little to my attitude towards my Etsy store, KloseKnit.
Oh, and another thing, just because you enjoy doing something doesn't mean that you are necessarily good at it either.  Wow, i am a bitter (old) woman today!
I am spread too thin, and things are suffering. I have also realized that you get what you put into your shop/hobby. So instead of knitting anything that strikes my fancy, I need to stop the ADD knitting and FOCUS.
So the shop will be stocked with things I like to knit, and am Good at knittng! I hope to offer more colors of same things. And have them ready to ship this time, instead of knitting frantically when I get an order. I can do this! I can manage my time! I can offer a great product that I am excited about!
It will be better for me and better for my customers.
Oh, well that is all I have time for today.
Back to work.
~ Eileen  ♥

Blog Follower Friends!!!!

Hi, I want to let everybody who checked out Shepherdscross.etsy.com and liked their alpaca/llama blend that the price is getting ready to go back up, from its sale price $10.75 to $16 a skein.
Just FYI.
I have a hat knitted with the dark brown alpaca. I will finish it tonight and post the picture here tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mother was right..

My mother always stressed for me to have good posture. But your shoulders back, Eileen. Stand up straight.
I attended a Parochial school from K-8th grade, and I thought that would "keep me straight" but it hasn't. I am a computer drafter, and we drafters have a bad habit of slouching. The Drafter's Slouch it's called. Its baaaaad. Lemme tell you how to do it... scoot your butt all of the way to the front of your chair, spread your feet out (past shoulder width) and lean back. Now scooch even more forward, till your shoulder blades are against the back, and you can rest your head at the top of your chair. Don't worry, your feet will keep you balanced. Your arms are just about parallel with the top of your desk, now you can mouse, liten to music, and type all you want.
Yes, not one of my prouder moments. But in my defense, the program was just loading. As you can see, it popped up and then I got right to work. The picture before this one has me flipping off the photog. I will not publish that one, although it has the unloaded screen.

So now I sit on a balance ball. It is big and orange, and my co-workers ask me when its gonna hatch. Lol! It has improved my desk posture, but not my walking posture. They say it takes five pounds off of you if you stand up straight. I need like 30!!! but I will take 5. So lets stand up straight today. Suck your stomach in, and put your shoulders back! You are somebody, gosh darn it! Plus you dont want to get one of those humps on the back of your neck. And your boobs will look better. Who needs more excuses than that?
I hope I made you smile today!
Eileen ♥

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mucho Busy Time!

Hey, all. Wow where to start? I have sooooo much going on, but I want to start off with the good stuff, and maybe I will forget about the not-good stuff!
First of... I GOT MY KNITTING PATTERNS OFF OF MY CRASHED HARD DRIVE!!!!!  Thank you, JT! I had scanned and threw away......over half of my patterns. My cat had decided to "mark" them. Lucky me. So hence the scanning. Then a week later, the computer checked out. Bllahhh. Mayday! But JT restored my files, and I am so thankful!
Second of.... I found an awesome radio channel on Rhapsody. It is New Dawn Fades-Post punk. They played one of my favorite songs EVER -Nemisis by Shreikback. The song brings me back to my B.C. days (Before Children) when my not yet hubby and I would go dancing. Awww, the memories. Now, not all of the songs are good, but it is great background music for around the house. That will be streaming thru my house on weekends from now on. They also played some Morrisey, who's voice is not paralleled by any male singer I know of.  All of this music is free, just go to Rhapsody Radio and pick a station, they have plenty!
Third- my good friend Sandy is making aprons on her sewing machine!! We are going to sell them along with my knitted things at local craft fairs this fall. And one will be given away as November's Blog Contest prize!!
Fourth- I am almost ready to open my new shop, Bamboo Springs. I have a test pilot on BigCartel right now. I like that site because customers don't have to sign in. And they take PayPal, and Visa right there!! How sweet? I have the free package right now.

Ok, now onto more of my favorite things:
I saw a lady at the Farm this weekend that has a blog- ~Mypurlsofwisdom.wordpress.com ~She is such a sweet young lady, and I am inspired by her knitting philosophy.
~ Hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com~ optimum hilarity, Allie, your humble adorers await more of your sun-shiney verses!
~My little boy who was born legally blind (he can see fine with glasses) got some new specs! He is too cute with his little wire frames. He looks so grown up. What a big boy!

Ok, well that is all for now. I am thinking about next month's contest. I have a couple of ideas, we shall see.  Have A Good Day!!