Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mother was right..

My mother always stressed for me to have good posture. But your shoulders back, Eileen. Stand up straight.
I attended a Parochial school from K-8th grade, and I thought that would "keep me straight" but it hasn't. I am a computer drafter, and we drafters have a bad habit of slouching. The Drafter's Slouch it's called. Its baaaaad. Lemme tell you how to do it... scoot your butt all of the way to the front of your chair, spread your feet out (past shoulder width) and lean back. Now scooch even more forward, till your shoulder blades are against the back, and you can rest your head at the top of your chair. Don't worry, your feet will keep you balanced. Your arms are just about parallel with the top of your desk, now you can mouse, liten to music, and type all you want.
Yes, not one of my prouder moments. But in my defense, the program was just loading. As you can see, it popped up and then I got right to work. The picture before this one has me flipping off the photog. I will not publish that one, although it has the unloaded screen.

So now I sit on a balance ball. It is big and orange, and my co-workers ask me when its gonna hatch. Lol! It has improved my desk posture, but not my walking posture. They say it takes five pounds off of you if you stand up straight. I need like 30!!! but I will take 5. So lets stand up straight today. Suck your stomach in, and put your shoulders back! You are somebody, gosh darn it! Plus you dont want to get one of those humps on the back of your neck. And your boobs will look better. Who needs more excuses than that?
I hope I made you smile today!
Eileen ♥

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