Sunday, August 15, 2010

Insomniatic Ramblings

Got up at 5:30. Its SUNDAY. Arrgh
Will nap later.
Anywho, I picked up my fingerless gloves-turned-mitten. I accidentally finished the thumb gusset. So instead of ripping out (or frogging) I decided to finish off the opening. And while doing that on my Etsy-bamboo dpns (double pointed needles), remembered that I wanted size 13 bamboo dpns. So I got on Etsy and bought them. Then I hopped around, looking at pin cushions, and clothing. Then I realized why I gravitated towards knitting patterns with scematics. I think I can take those knitting schematics and sew them! I feel pretty clever, but not 100% convinced that is ethical. Maybe after some sleep it will be clearer.
I have already made up three navy jersey shrugs, I tried a French seam on the latest one, and it was not perfect. So I guess I have a navy jersey shrug! yay!! I refuse to rip out seams. Absolutely. I draw the line. My sewing machine has such sturdy stitches, and I don't know how to space them out (Mom??) and the fabric doesn't really lend itself to that, with the stretchy and all that. If it was a "regular" fabric, I would rip it. But it isnt.
Off tomorrow (today!) to get maroon fabric for my second custom order for the same customer! A repeat customer! Jump for joy! My first to my immediate knowledge.
K, tired now. Sleepy time...
Have A Good Day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

August Contest- Win a Beret Pattern!! Or the Beret if you don't knit

Here is this month's contest!! It runs from now until Aug 31st.

I am in a Natural  mood. I will be opening a new Etsy shop called Bamboo Springs which will include only clothing made from natural fibers. The fibers will be wool, cotton, angora, alpaca, and bamboo or a combination of them. And not just knitted things, but sewn clothing too!! No synthetics at all! Whoo, lets go green! All renewable, all natural, all good!
So that leads me to this month's contest! My inspiration is Shepherd's Cross.  They employ 100% natural sustainable techniques for maintaining the flock, and the wool is washed and prepared in a chemical-free manner! Wrap your mind around that! Then check out this: 

It is a sheep's pelt, but it is felt! The sheep was not harmed from this process. It was simply sheared by hand, and the wool was gathered, washed, and pressed into this piece. It is just like a sheep's pelt. More economical, and makes a great seat cushion, mat, or what ever else you can think of. It is flame resistant, organic, chemical free, humane and lovely!
If you spin, they have a dreamy alpaca-llama blend batt, and if you knit that batt is turned into really nice yarn. They have a sport weight, and a lopi style yarn that is made from this fiber. There is a dark, and a light version of both. I have some of each!! I couldn't resist. Please check out their shop  and comment back here to be entered to win a beret pattern that I came up with. And if you don't knit, well I will whip one up for you!! Just tell me the color! The pattern will be emailed in PDF format, or I can just email it to you. 

Have A Great Day!Eileen