Sunday, August 15, 2010

Insomniatic Ramblings

Got up at 5:30. Its SUNDAY. Arrgh
Will nap later.
Anywho, I picked up my fingerless gloves-turned-mitten. I accidentally finished the thumb gusset. So instead of ripping out (or frogging) I decided to finish off the opening. And while doing that on my Etsy-bamboo dpns (double pointed needles), remembered that I wanted size 13 bamboo dpns. So I got on Etsy and bought them. Then I hopped around, looking at pin cushions, and clothing. Then I realized why I gravitated towards knitting patterns with scematics. I think I can take those knitting schematics and sew them! I feel pretty clever, but not 100% convinced that is ethical. Maybe after some sleep it will be clearer.
I have already made up three navy jersey shrugs, I tried a French seam on the latest one, and it was not perfect. So I guess I have a navy jersey shrug! yay!! I refuse to rip out seams. Absolutely. I draw the line. My sewing machine has such sturdy stitches, and I don't know how to space them out (Mom??) and the fabric doesn't really lend itself to that, with the stretchy and all that. If it was a "regular" fabric, I would rip it. But it isnt.
Off tomorrow (today!) to get maroon fabric for my second custom order for the same customer! A repeat customer! Jump for joy! My first to my immediate knowledge.
K, tired now. Sleepy time...
Have A Good Day!

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