Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Black Cardi Pictures, And CONTEST WINNER!!!!

Hello, all! I finished my Cardi, and here are the pics after I washed it!! Oh sweet baby Jesus, it felted! Thank goodness I have my mannequin, Betty to stretch it back out on. Thank-you Betty! You Rock! But I will never get my stockinette stitch definition back. The Garter stitch still looks ok though.

The yarn smelled like DYE! uugh, I could barely stand it, and my fingers turned black when I knitted it, what is THAT about? Anyway..... here it is drying on Betty. Black does not photo well, but this is my best effort.

And the contest winner is:   Amber! Congratulations!
I put all of your profile names on paper, and folded them up and shook them in a container, and then gave it one more shake, and Amber's paper fell out! Must have been meant to be!  

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Follower Contest Ends today!

Blog contest ends today!! There will be a random drawing tonight, and I will post the winner tomorrow! The gift is a ceramic mug with a hand-knit cozy, and some fun stuff inside!! Good luck to all of you blog followers!! And thank-you for joining!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New (to me) Bind off technique

After running out of yarn on those curly scarves, I thought, hey that really sucks. My friend Sandy once used a WHOLE SKEIN to bind off a scarf. 
So out of thrifty-ness and sanity (who can gauge how much yarn is needed to B.O anyway??) I dug thru my needle case and pulled out my never been used size I crochet hook. Documented below with pictures is the comparison.

This is the end of the Shoulder Sarong. Preparing to bind off!

This is how the traditional bind-off looked. Using the knit two, slip the first over the second, and proceed. 

Here is a Close-up:

This is the result after "crocheting" the remaining loops of the garment. I knitted to the end of the skein leaving a 3-4" tail and started on the opposite end and looped the last stitches off of the knitting needle with the hook. When I got to the end, I used that little tail to close off the bind-off, and weaved in the end. Voila!

 Close-up ==>

I can't tell the difference, and maybe there would be a problem if the pattern called to Bind off loosely. I've seen that before and thought, okay..bossy. :-)
Maybe crochet hook size matters. Maybe your last
row of stitches matters. Either way, this worked for me. Try it and see if it works for you! And let me know!  Have A Great Day!!!!
Here are the images side by side, for easy comparison:

Knit bind off

Crochet Bind-off

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April is my Birthday month!!

I will be celebrating another revolution around earth's axis this month. I'll be 33, i think. I get the "I forgot how old I am" from my mother. But i do know that seven minus 10 is three. =33! yay! oh wait, boo.
Anyway I have about a thousand different things on the needles, or WIP's. There is the black merino boucle cardigan, it is a birthday present to myself. If you ever wanted to know what knitters knit for themselves when they knit for themselves, well here is your answer. Beautiful soft cardigans, luxy cotton berets, and cute cami and shrug set!! OOOOH joy, everything I am knitting is for MEEEE!!  But I will pic it and post it and knit one for you too! But you can pick a different color, see?? Works perfectly. And plus, I get to road test the item, too. Please, if it can survive my intermittent washing, two clingy kids, slouching, rumpled life, it can survive yours. As per usual, picks to come.

The contest is still on, till April 15th!! We have 11 lucky subscribers entered to win the free gift!!! Ooooh, and it is going to be sweet!

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