Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April is my Birthday month!!

I will be celebrating another revolution around earth's axis this month. I'll be 33, i think. I get the "I forgot how old I am" from my mother. But i do know that seven minus 10 is three. =33! yay! oh wait, boo.
Anyway I have about a thousand different things on the needles, or WIP's. There is the black merino boucle cardigan, it is a birthday present to myself. If you ever wanted to know what knitters knit for themselves when they knit for themselves, well here is your answer. Beautiful soft cardigans, luxy cotton berets, and cute cami and shrug set!! OOOOH joy, everything I am knitting is for MEEEE!!  But I will pic it and post it and knit one for you too! But you can pick a different color, see?? Works perfectly. And plus, I get to road test the item, too. Please, if it can survive my intermittent washing, two clingy kids, slouching, rumpled life, it can survive yours. As per usual, picks to come.

The contest is still on, till April 15th!! We have 11 lucky subscribers entered to win the free gift!!! Ooooh, and it is going to be sweet!

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April showers bring May flowers


  1. Happy Birthday from a fellow Etsy Knitters Team Member!! The black cardi sounds awesome (as do your other gifts for you!) :D

  2. Thank-you! I had a wonderful happy birthday!