Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother May I?

This month's theme is mothers. Of course. I happen to be one- a mother of two firecrackers, I might add. They definitely make the days interesting! See example of mother's day from my first born, to be called #1

This was decorating the outside of the envelope. I can't believe she thinks my hair looks like that.....

But check out the inside of this card. My mom likes to WHAAT??

 It says "nit" as in KNIT! Whew!!  First Graders, such kidders!! lol.
And I need to ask her what posty is. Pasta, maybe?  This kid gets 100% on spelling tests....I am concerned.
As a side note, I subscribe to HyperboliandaHalf's blog, and I think my l.o.can help with the drawings on there. Just sayin.
Anyway, there is a spin and knit in at my L.Y.S. and I will be bringing her with me to learn to knit from someone not so prone to "nit" her. eek. It never ends well when I try to teach her. She may be scarred for life.

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  1. Well she declined going to the knit with me. I guess her friend across the street rates higher. I did get to figure out the pattern to my mug coozies. They won't make it to Etsy, because i don't want to ship the ceramic mugs. i will post pictures and locations when i get them all set up. I hope to finish a set this week, and get them photo'd.