Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Mother May Posts

I am making a gift for my mother from a GORGEOUS bamboo roving I bought at Tulsa Fiber Fest. It is in a delicate pastel color way. My good friend Lucy spun it for me, and plyed it for me into a DK hank that is divine.  I found a pattern in Boutique Knits accessory book that I have on loan from another friend. I am going to make mom pleated fingerless gloves. The pattern uses a store bought trim piece, but I am going to install a cable instead. I am proficient in the simple twisted cable, but I think this calls for a more complex one. I have also done a simple Celtic cable, and well frankly I don't have the patience for that times TWO. So I am on the hunt for another style, not horseshoe, probably a three strand cable. I dunno.
Aaaand.....picks to come!

Also my daughter and I sat down and got three rows on her size 15 pink needles!! Then we both decided to put it down. That was two weeks ago. I am waiting for her to come to me, like a hose wisperer.... wish me luck.

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