Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Giveaway!

Just what you've been waiting for, another opportunity to win something!  
 Are you going to a baby shower soon? I have friend on Etsy and her shop has the CUTEST baby booties, and hats. You won’t find these items at Babies R Us. Oh no, her pieces are so creative, colorful and cute. Handmade gifts are so precious, and perfect to give to a new Mom for her little one.

Visit Alicia’s shop and comment back here on what items you like, or think are the most creative thing you’ve ever seen! Then you will be entered to win my hand knit cotton slim-line shrug!


        This shrug is not available for sale in my shop, and will not be reproduced. It is a very soft simple piece that can double as a scarf.
So click on this link and 
report back here to enter. 
And hey, who knows, maybe
you will find a shower gift, and a chic hat
for yourself. That is what I have, this hat:

  It is one of the most meticulous, precise, care filled handmade items I have ever had the pleasure of owning. The stitching, the detail, the style, all unparalleled in my opinion. That is why I had to get the word out about this shop to as many people as I can. You can be assured that her pieces are all made with love, attention and skill.

 She has very fast shipping, so don’t be put off because she is in the UK. I got my hat in under a week!! And I must add that it was packaged beautifully. In short, this lady knows what she is doing. The Etsy community is a wonderful thing to be a part of, and the best part is meeting people that have the similar ambitions, creative drive, and talent for fiber arts. One of the most wonderful women I have met online is Alicia.

Her shop is, please check it out.


  1. I agree, Alicia is a wonderful woman. I think her work is wonderful!

  2. I love Alicia's Cloche hats! they are so awesome :D

  3. I am absolutely in love with the Tudor Rose, Ready to Go Collection, Hand Knitted Baby Shoes to fit 3-6 months (the green ones). I will be looking for baby stuff soon, so I will be back! Thanks for sharing this store. I even added it to my Etsy favorites (etsy name eleanornellie). I also love your shrug and hope I win!
    elliebeetle AT gmail D0T com

  4. Oh my gosh, how cute. I adore everything, the booties, the hats, but especially the Rose and Berry Collection, Custom Made Hand Knitted Hat for Baby or Small Child. This is so sweet, you reward us with a gift for mommy for looking at baby things. Win for baby and win for mommy! I WILL remember this store, so you have done a good deed by promoting it.
    anthyjune (at) gmail (dot) com