Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shop Name KAL

I was inspired by this mochimochi blog http://mochimochiland.com/blog/

So I want to knit my Etsy name, how cool would that be??

I figured that I would start a knit-a-long on my blog, if anyone else wants to join me-- although this sounds like a "summer project". I am sure most of us are frantically knitting scarves and cowls etc. for the holiday rush. But of course, as knitters we do stuff for ourselves in spurts, so this can be a long term knit-a-long.

I am envisioning a fair-isle type of lettering... but you can do whatever style you like. Perhaps puffy, like in the blog. My shop name is "Klose Knit" so that is what I am going to knit. I will start an Excel sheet to graph my letters. Will post soon!

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