Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chinese Take-Out

Kids are funny. My son who is three is funny. Here's the story: So going to the Chinese restaurant last night for some buffet take out. L.o. wants to go, so sure, lets go. Here is the conversation on the way to the restaurant
N- where we going, Mommy?
Me- the Chinese restaurant
N- the Charleese resanant?
Me- yes.
(door closes, walk into the restaurant)
Me- Two buffets, to go
Waiter- Here you go ma'am
N- Where's Charley?
Me- [sideways glance, deliberately ignoring, walking]
N- Mommy, where's Charley?
Me- shhh, hun
N- but where's CHARLEY?? Mommy? Where's CHARLEY??
Me- there's no Charley, honey. Quiet.
N- I thought we were at Charley's. Where's Charley?
Me- I said Chinese. Chinese, honey.
N- not Charley??
Me- no, honey. Chinese. [pay and leave]
N- but where's Charley?
Me- [putting him into his car seat] sigh..
But it was really good food. It only cost $13.00!!! Sweet!

Have a Great Day!

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