Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Alive!

Hey, all! I have been so busy, and so much has gone on since my last post!!
The latest is, I have my on-line store up and running! I bought my URL, it's and I couldn't be prouder! I bought some advertising space in town, and now I'm up in LIGHTS!! Yaaay! I tried to take a picture from my car window, but it was teeny-tiny. Maybe some evening I will actually park, and take a pic with a real camera, instead of my phone. LOL.
I have been praying for guidance, and the Lord has shown me a path. And, he has blessed me with success! Now I have to pray to accept success, and not be afraid of it...... cause I am! Is that silly?? Or normal? My kid's ear-flap hats and knit jersey shrugs have been popular. Very popular!! Eek!  And I have sold my triangle scarf, and have knit another one up in cream. It isn't photo'd or listed yet (shame on me) so how can I sell it?? Duh. But, between you and me.....I think it is better than the brown one. The button is, for sure. It is a gorgeous cream 2" (50.8mm) lovely. So lovely. My next button purchase will be some hand made birch buttons from Etsy. They will go on everything that requires a button in my shop.
On another note, Dear Hubby has gotten a job!  He was out of work for 5 months. It will probably take us till Spring to get back on our feet.
But enough about that...... who is ready for a contest?? This will run December 1st thru Dec. 13th so I can ship the prize to you in time for Christmas. It is going to be a great prize, the best one yet! Stay tuned for the details...
Have a Great Day!

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