Thursday, July 22, 2010

Discovered a great pattern!

One of my co-workers has developed breast cancer and is under going chemo. Last week her hair started to fall out, and I can only imagine how that would affect a woman (or man). I promised Peggy a hat. And after two attempts at it with my suuuuper soft cotton yarn (one was tooooo big, and the second one was just too big. I am going to turn it into a purse.) I started fresh on a beret made out of another cotton I have. I whipped it up in two evenings and lay it on her desk. She was out this week, due to her recent treatment. I hope she likes the hat.

Well I liked the result so much, I am knitting up another one right away. I wrote the pattern down too, which is rare. The best thing is, you can get two of these berets out of one skein. This cotton knit up so smoothly, it is a dream. You can wear it during all seasons, I am sure. I will be knitting these up is spades for a spring craft fair.
I can't wait to knit one for myself! I can't believe it came out so nice WITH NO PATTERN!!! (I'm starting to believe you, Sandy!)
But I am toying with the idea of  a "Pink For Peggy" campaign and donating part of the sales to breast cancer. I think these berets will be in that category. I am still formulating all of that, and welcome any ideas or donations if you craft.  Other items I am thinking of adding are arm warmers because they knit up fast too. 
I will add pictures of the hat I have on the needles as soon as I finish it, but this weekend is looking pretty busy- two orders this week!! WOW!! One is sewing.....more on that in future post...
Have a Great Day!

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