Monday, July 12, 2010

What have they got that I ain't got?

"What makes the Hottentot so hot? What puts the "ape" in apricot? What have they got that I ain't got?" -Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz)
 Oh, me oh my. I have seen the cusp of the lowest thing a creative person could do. I see these other knitting Etsy shops selling 4-5 things a day. I am stalking them. "What have they got that I ain't got?" I stare at their items, I study their photography styles. I backwards engineer their items. I want to copy them, and it  makes me feel horrible. If I go down that path, I will surely become a shadow of my former self.
 So I take a deep breath, and funnel the tornado of feelings to DRIVE!! and INSPIRATION!! and REALITY... I have a job (drafter). I have two kids (3 and 7), and I have a hobby (knitting). I don't have 180+ listings. There is no way in hell I could get that many items made/photo'd/listed/sold, much less store them safely away from my fat feline, sticky kid's hands, and motor greased husband.  I have bought storage specifically for my yarn, so maybe as I used the yarn to make the "thing" and transfer the space that way- maybe.
These talented shop owners probably dedicate their days to cranking out cute and stylish hand knit items. Lucky.
I feel like Dorothy when she sang, "If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow why, oh why can't I?"




  1. Wow, you are amazing! How do you juggle everything you do! Keep your chin up, from my perspective, you are doing great.
    BTW, who was the lucky winner of your giveaway of the beautiful shrug? Just curious ...

  2. i have the four pieces of paper sitting on my desk right now...I just need an empty (ie: clean) cup to shuffle them in..sigh. First thing tomorrow. I promise!