Monday, March 1, 2010

March, march, march!

"March, march, march! My feet are killing me!" -Winnifred the Elephant from Disney's Jungle Book
That is the theme for March, keep pluggin on. Online sales have screeched to a halt on Etsy. But that doesn't stop me. I ask colleagues what they think of when I say "spring" and "knitted" and I get blank looks.
Well I am knitting triangle shoulder sarongs? Still formulating the name.. It is another item I just cooked up. Super easy, using my favorite style needle and stitch. It is getting good reviews from the guinea people (ie: friends a work). Speaking of friends at work, I am getting personal network orders. six baby headbands w flowers for one person, and I just finished a very pretty soft harvest colored scarf for a friend at work too. The picture is at my site, here:

Plus this lul provides me time to knit stuff FOR ME!!

My hubby has reminded me to get the Monkey Hat Beanie on the site too.... but I just can't get it to the priority spot in my brain. I have the yarn... ugh, guess I have to stay true to my March Mantra.. march, march, march.

Doesn't Betty look great?? I put her in my un-used size 6 jeans (boo) and a shirt I accidentally bought 3 of on line!!! Im gonna get in those jeans, tho.
Alright, lunch time is almost over. Still no blog subscribers yet. Gotta get the word out!

OOH, my shop is going to be featured this month on another blog, I will update when I get the link!

OOH, plus I got a new banner for my Luxury Shop:

ooh, that came out tiny! Guess you gotta visit the shop!

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