Thursday, February 4, 2010

February is for Firsts!!

This month, I am dedicating this month, and this month's blog to firsts. Like first pattern followed exactly (pattern from a book), or first time to use a type of yarn (Merino wool from Uruguay), or a first experiment in cableing.
I have realized that I am too late to get my heart cable armwarmers knitted and sold before V-day on Etsy.
And I have mugs with knitted mug sweater (not finished) that aren't gonna make it to V-day either. Besides, I bet that Etsy wont let me sell mugs from Ikea with handknitted coozies. embroidered with a heart, oh maybe I will dedicate this weekend (02-05-10 thru 02-07-10) to finishing those turkeys. Maybe I can set them out to sell at my MIL's office. I wanted to do about 20 of them and take them to a boutique by Feb 1st. Well THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN!!! lol.
Well, more firsts to come, with pics. ttyl.

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