Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More March Madness

Just finished a summer poncho. But the neck is not as good as it could be. I started it with a vision of how I wanted it to look, and it turned out really well! I am excited about the overall structure of it. But I had to "do" one first to get the kinks out. So my prototype is for sale here, I am not going to put it on Etsy. I will put its sisters on there for $45.00 but the im-perfect one I will price at $20. The neck is the only thing that didn't turn out great. It can easily be hidden by a flower brooch, or pin, or bow. I just don't want to add that complexity to the site. It is made from a Merino/acrylic blend yarn that has great sheen, and drape. This one is a pretty sherbet colored one, that will flatter any skin tone. It is to be draped over the shoulders to help protect from the sun, and also ward off some summer evening chills. Asymetrical hem gives you versatility of looks, and the length can be converted to a hoodie. One size fits most. ♥

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  1. Hi there! I'm a fellow Etsier and found you on Tracey Knits's blog (like her, I hail from NJ). Your use of bold color is really nice :)