Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April is My Birthday Month!! ~spinning in happy cirlcles!!!~

April is my favorite  month. Spring is my favorite season! But not for the simple fact it contains my birthday. I love spring because the daffodils poke through snow sometimes. Sometimes they poke through mud,  like lotus blossoms. It gets lighter earlier, and gets darker later. The wind blows, and the temperature is mild, sometimes sweaty. But then there's the wind to dry your sweat. Wonderful cycle!
I'd like to alert you to some feel-good opportunities that I am involved in. First off, I am participating in an on-line auction to help a couple who is adopting give some aid in their cause. You can read about it here.  I have promised to donate a shrug, a baby cardigan and a beret. There will be many other things to bid on, so please check it out!
The second thing has a little more story to it. My daughter has been buzzing around the house. Doing laundry, dishes, feeding the dog and cat. Taking the trash out.... oh my goodness. Now you may ask, "why?". And when I tell you she is 7 years old, and weighs 60lbs you may ask, "how??" can she lug full baskets of laundry, shimmy up counters to put away plates. Sling a 13 gallon bag of trash into the trash bin? Well she wants to earn MONEY. That may make you curious. "Will I get money for this?" she asks me. Over and over. 
"Well sure!" I reply. "What, pray tell, are you going to utilize your earned funds for, my dear child?" (I do sometimes talk like this to her....keeps her mind hopping. Or convinces her I'm weird- either way, that suits me fine)  
Here is her reply. "I want to buy pajamas for kids who need them." 
It was like that poem that talks about "your heart go walking around outside of your body." [Elizabeth Stone]
Well, I was floored to say the least. There is a program on that allows you to send new pajamas and books to kids who don't have them. It touched her heart, and I want to help her. Don't you??
LL has a blog, it's ""
And I am going to set up a PayPal button for donations. We will then purchase pajamas, and ship them. I will post receipts to keep this legit, if you have qualms. And it will be tax deductible. We will conduct this for the month of April. And we will do it again on her birthday month, June.
Please, if you have some money sitting in your PayPal that isn't quite enough to buy that yarn, or jewelry, or little pretty you want on Etsy, would you consider donating it?

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