Friday, January 7, 2011

Vintage Knits

I have seen some captivating Vintage Knitting patterns for sale on Etsy like here, and here. I just love the retro feel and look of these hand knit items. Plus, they must be free domain, right?? Clear to sell as I understand it!! I think that will be my next Etsy purchase.
Now here is my most recent purchase:
I picked up some Yarn Bee alpaca from Hobby Lobby that has cream and purple tone which begged me to make a beret and fringed scarf. I bought two skeins. So yummy. I might just go and start that today, I have a free afternoon. Well if I skip swinging by the elementary school, and getting the next weeks groceries. And cleaning the kitchen, and putting away the clean laundry. Ugh. How young is too young for slave labor? I have a Seven and a Three year old. And a 33 year old (hubby). LOL Well we can do that stuff this evening, and throughout the weekend, right?
Well at any rate you have a good weekend!

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  1. Editor's note: I decided to use the twisted stitch technique on the beret. The technique was illustrated in last issue of Knit magazine. It is not for left handed knitters such as myself, so I have to pre-twist the stitch before I knit it and place it back on the right hand needle. Oh well, it is a challenge, and after many No-Hat-Head Hats that are no-brainers this is satisfying!