Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Midwest Blizzard of 2011

You may have heard it on the news. We have/are getting more than 12 inches of snow. Drifts up to 5 feet! Omgosh, there are plows stuck! Hubby braved the roads, and got sent back home. I am thankful that my work gave us the day off with no repercussions. Soooooo me and little boy were stuck home to bounce off of each other's egos. He's three. I am thirty... and he has me wrapped around his finger.
We finally settled into our Saturday routine, even though it is Tuesday. That consists of me tuning out his DVD's while I knit on the sofa.
Finally, we got bored and braved the snow. I felt compelled to shovel (even though we don't own a snow shovel) a path from our front door to the driveway for my love's return. And l.o. wanted to put his trains in the snow. So we bundled up, and stepped outside. 
All I had to shovel with was a plastic saucer from Christmas. I made a zig-zag path to the driveway, before the thing broke. Ah well! Back inside we went. Blew our noses, shed our wet layers, and back to the routine. I should get my grey triangle scarf done today. I have the prettiest button to put on  it! And I think I will give away the pattern  here as a prize next month? Or just be super generous and publish it? Hmmmm.
Well, I have another post to..um post. :-)
Have a great day, stay warm and safe!

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